Volunteer Opportunities

Tending bar Maintaining the facility Painting the new building Selling tickets

The Volunteer Coordinator would like to thank everyone who has stepped up to help with all the events that have been going on all summer. Thank you for your support!

To volunteer your time, please contact Tracy Kennedy or Denise Heilman, or use this form. Thank you!

Current Needs:

The United Way kickoff event  is being held at the Elks banquet hall and in our outdoor space on Thursday, September 7th. We are expecting over 200 people from 2-5 for their business meeting in the hall. And we are expecting as many or more, for their luau themed outdoor event which begins after their meeting.   Here is what we need from our Volunteer staff:

  • Wednesday, September 6 – evening  – 2 to 4 people needed – Set up Tables and Chairs in the Banquet Hall for the meeting.  Move Tables / Chairs on patio / sidewalk area.
  • Thursday, September 7 — Parking Attendants – 1:30-2:30 – and also 4:30 to 7 – 2 to 4 people needed –  It really does help to get the parking started out right, to get as many people in our lot as possible – especially since our parking lot is unfinished. We will be keeping the parking at the Lodge end of the building free for the B & I group in the afternoon and our Thursday night club members Thursday night. All of the spaces in front of the hall and around our new lodge will be needed for the UW attendees.
  • Thursday, September 7 –  10 am to 1:30 pm. Set up for the outdoor event. Moving Tables from the Hall, and setting up rental chairs.  In the event of rain, additional set up will be done in the hall to convert from their meeting space to the party space.
  • Friday, September 8 – Tear down Tables and Chairs – in Banquet Hall and outdoor spaces – 4 to 6 people needed

Future Needs:

  • Lounge Bartending…. Saturday nights if / when the lounge re-opens for Saturdays.

Big Events

For these events we will need people at the door, checking IDs and Taking tickets, Raffle Ticket sellers, bartenders, food prep / servers, runners, set up, clean up, parking lot attendants:

  • New Year’s Eve Party
  • February 10 – Beach Bash

Additional Opportunities

  • Entertainment committee
  • Community Events – Hoop Shoot; Soccer Shoot, Veterans dinners, Shop With a Vet (Christmas)
  • Maintenance – paint, carpentry repairs,
  • Food Prep & Servers – for any lodge dinner
  • Special events – set up and cleanup, door & raffle ticket sales, concessions, and promotional activities for concerts, parties etc.
  • Seasonal work days – opening & closing the pool; planting the flowers around the site in spring;
  • Do you have any other skills that would be helpful?
  • Do you have an idea for an event or activity that you would like to lead?
  • Do you have any expertise in organizing an Elks presence in any of the area parades

Why Volunteer?

  • Elks Care, Elks Share
  • It’s our lodge – this is how we give back
  • Build the team – volunteering is a great way to get to know your fellow lodge members better
  • Improve community relations – how well we run events tells the community what kind of organization we are
  • Keep up with repairs and maintenance
To volunteer your time, contact the Club Volunteer Coordinator, the Home Association President, or the Exalted Ruler