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The Home Association was organized by the Lodge Trustees and Lodge Members to give all persons an equal share in ownership. With ownership being not only in the grounds, facilities and all its contents but also in its maintenance and operating cost. The Home Association Trustees are installed and entrusted with providing a place for the lodge to meet and the power to oversee the maintenance and care and budgeting for those purposes.

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Home Association Memo

February 2018

The Elks 75 Home Association met along with key lodge officers on January 11. Denise Heilman was chosen by the HA trustees to fill the unexpired term of Kevin Richardson, and Vaun Wickerham was elected to serve as HA president. All HA members were present, and both votes were unanimous.

In addition to filling the vacancies and discussion on the monthly budget items, the focus of the meeting was the new lodge build. We all look forward to the day we open the doors, but as we all know, the Elks must raise funds to make it happen.

There is approximately $45,000 remaining in HA building funds, which does not include money collected for engraved paver bricks, nor does it include any uncollected pledges. There is approximately $35,000 in contracted amounts outstanding on the build to date, leaving about $10,000 to dedicate immediately to the project.

The HA identified immediate needs that can be achieved within that budget. The most important is the installation of gutters and spouting to direct spring rainfall water away from the building, as well as finishing siding. The siding is paid for but we are waiting on cooperative weather. Other work also continues. A volunteer crew led by new HA trustee Denise Heilman just painted the new lodge room.

The HA also identified other construction expenses necessary for Lodge 75 to begin using the new building, which includes carpeting, baseboards & moulding, interior doors and trim, and the lounge bar. Outside of these items, completion of the front entrance way and sidewalks will be necessary to make the hall attractive and help to generate revenue.

Project manager and HA Trustee Eric Stacy is compiling a cost estimate for our remaining expenses to open the new lodge doors to members, which will be our next fund raising goal milestone. Further improvements will continue as we generate donations post-opening. That goal should be available after our next HA meeting in February and will be the subject of our March Gaz-Elk update.

Another necessary and immediate project is to move all the items in storage into the new building. There is a lot a lot to move, but we need it now. Everything from bar chairs to refrigerators to our historical items we wish to display, as well as chandeliers, the deceased member tablets, and the beautiful cherry wood from the downtown lodge room. We need volunteers to assist with the move, which is scheduled for Saturday, February 17. It will take all day – starting at 8 AM. We hope to see you there.

Together we will get the new building open!
The Findlay Elks Home Association

November 2017

As winter approaches, work on our new building has slowed. The electrical contractor has installed the parking lot lights and continues to finish the inside lighting, switches and receptacles. Some ceramic floor tile has been installed in the restrooms and bar area, which has allowed the plumbing contractor to install most restroom fixtures. We still need to purchase countertops for approximately $5,000, so that the sinks and faucets can be put into place. Many of the outside entrance doors are in place but need to be finished, and then have the hardware installed, so we can secure the building for winter (currently waiting for an estimate on these costs). We really need to get the rest of the siding on before winter to help control the heating costs, so $5,000 is needed help to finish the end and back side of the building. Plans call for a stone finish on the front wall facing west which would require approximately $25,000 to complete. Along with the siding, gutters and downspouts are needed to help control the runoff and keep water from rolling in behind the siding (currently waiting on an estimate). The alarm systems (fire and burglar) which required additional phone lines to be installed are in place and have been tested and passed inspection. We have concrete work, landscaping, drainage, paving, signage and interior finish work yet to do before we will be able to open the new building for all Elks to enjoy.

The Home Association needs your support in order to bring this phase to a finish. We are still receiving and asking for additional funds to complete this project, and it is vitally important to our lodge that we continue to move forward and open this new building in early spring next year. We cannot afford to sit back another year and wait for some great treasure to fall upon us, or we will be doomed for failure. We currently have about $37,000 left in the building fund and $14,000 of uncollected pledges. This amount will only cover the outstanding bills and contract obligations we have remaining; it will not finish all the work mentioned above that needs to be done. We estimate that we are $250,000 to $300,000 short of funds to complete this project, so we ask that you help us by pledging your support.

The Findlay Elks Home Association

September 2017

Although progress on the building has slowed considerably, work is still being completed. Insulation in the attic is finished, and the electricians continue to install lighting, receptacles, switches, and numerous other electrical components. Holes were drilled for the parking lot lighting, and the associated lights will soon be installed. After the electrical system, the rest of the mechanical system will be connected, and then tested and inspected by the Wood County building inspector for their approval. Once the inspection is finished, ceiling tiles will be installed and other finish work will begin.

Once the above work is paid for, the focus will be on getting the building ready for winter, so that it may be heated. This will be important to accomplish, as we do not want the building to remain unheated during the winter. There are several doorways that need concrete installed still, and some windows need finished. Siding needs completed, and if possible, the rock face work needs done on the front of the building to help seal it up for the winter.

Work will be completed only as the funds are available, so please send your pledges in if you have not yet, and continue to support your lodge, and the new building fund, so that we may all enjoy our new lounge and lodge sooner.

Thank you,
The Findlay Elks Home Association

April 2017

Another month has passed and your Home Association is working feverishly on the new Lodge and Lounge. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, insulation, and drywall work are all being installed, with some painting inside to begin soon. Windows, doors, and siding have been purchased or ordered and will be put in place as it arrives, but our progress will slow as our funds are beginning to deplete. We are in need of your financial support to continue this work. We have not purchased the sheet rock for the outside finish, nor have we paid for the installation and material for the storm water retention and parking lot drains. There will be asphalt, concrete walks, greenery, and a fence to install along the west boarder of the property, and a new sign to build at the entrance before the first phase will be completed. This needs to be accomplished before the first of August, or we will need to re-apply to the city zoning and planning commission for an extension on our current permit. Many of you made verbal commitments and we are stilling waiting for those checks to come in, and for those of you who did not, we ask that you do whatever you can to help our lodge be the premier fraternal organization in our community. Please email me directly at findlayelksha@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

Jason Reimschusel
Home Association, Secretary & Treasurer

March 2017

Work continues to progress on the new building with electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and sprinkler systems being roughed-in, so that insulation and drywall work can begin. All bulk heads and inner walls have been built as the inside takes shape. Windows, doors, siding, and rock facing will be ordered, while soffit and other work are being completed on the outside. Cleanup in the back will be done to prepare for the storm water drainage work and eventual parking lot renovations.

The second phase of construction will continue to move ahead as finances permit. This phase will connect the lounge and lodge building to the catering hall, in order to provide a kitchen, bar storage and office, additional restrooms, billiards room, and card playing area. This project cannot be completed without the backing of membership – any donation will help. Let’s bring the ELKS LODGE to the front of the fraternal organizations once again. Please stop in during the construction, check out your new lodge building, and let one of the Home Association Trustees know how much you appreciate their efforts.

Please email me directly at findlayelksha@gmail.com with any questions or comments.
Jason Reimschusel

February 2017

Work on the new building is progressing well thanks to the hard work of three individuals, and a little help from Mother Nature. Feel free to stop by and thank them for their work. I am sure they would appreciate a little pat on the back. If things continue as planned, the goal is to have the building enclosed by the end of January. Once it is enclosed, the electrical and mechanical work, and inside walls will begin. Estimates are incoming for the sprinkler and fire alarm systems, underground storm water retention system, and new parking lot and paving work. The target for finish of Phase I is still early June. The Home Association is posting regular video updates to the Findlay Elks Facebook page, so check it out to see the progress if you are not able to make it by the Lodge in person.

Please continue to help us succeed with your donations and support of this project, so we will be able to continue working into the Phase II part of this construction when the first one is complete. Help our lodge stand proud and tall once again.

Please email me directly at findlayelksha@gmail.com, or use the above link, with any questions or comments.

Jason Reimschusel
Home Association, Secretary & Treasurer

November 2016

The garage at the back of the Banquet Hall has been removed as planned for the construction of our new Lodge and Lounge. Siding, doorways and electrical fixtures were able to be salvaged. Site preparations are underway with a crew currently building the pad, and the footers should be in soon, followed by blocks for the walls being laid. Framing and cover should be completed by late fall, if all goes according to plan. This will allow for work to continue throughout the winter on the inside.

Please continue to help us succeed with your donations to this project, so we will be able to continue working into the next phase of construction when this one is complete. Help our lodge stand tall once again.

Please email me directly at findlayelksha@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

Jason Reimschusel
Home Association, Secretary & Treasurer

October 2016

The Home Association has started removal of the garage at the back of the Banquet Hall as planned for the construction of our new Lodge and Lounge. Siding, doorways and electrical fixtures were salvaged with removal of the rest of the structure to take place soon. This will open the way for site preparations and construction to begin with framing and cover to be completed by late fall, if all goes according to plan. This will allow for work to continue throughout the winter on the inside.

Please continue to help us succeed by donating to this project, so we will be able to continue working into the next phase of construction when this one is complete. Help our lodge stand tall once again.


September 2016

Work continues, and will continue, on the new building. If you have not noticed, two tennis courts have been removed to provide parking that the new building will take away. The garage where the new building goes will be unloaded and removed very soon. The Ohio EPA permit was received allowing dirt to be moved, so once the garage is down, site preparation for the new building will begin.

Donations to the building fund are still being accepted and will be needed to pursue completion of the entire project.


August 2016

July was a big month in the future of the new building.

Bowsher-Mourner completed the boring and testing of soil samples as required by building code, and no major issues were found. Next, Grand Lodge approved the building plans with no concerns. Finally, the Findlay City Planning Commission approved the building plans on July 14. There was an article in The Courier the next day. Permits are currently being finalized, and removal of two tennis courts and garages will begin by the end of July.

Donations to the building fund are still being accepted and will be needed to pursue completion of the entire project.


July 2016

Progress continues to be made towards a new building. The building plans have been approved by the Liberty Township Trustees and will next go in front of the City Planning Commission. Bowsher-Mourner has been hired to bore and test soil samples as required by building code.

The Home Association purchased and installed a new kegerator in the tiki bar, so come out, relax, and have a drink. Work is being planned to install new lighting inside the patio serving area of the banquet hall.


June 2016

The 2016-2017 annual Home Association budget was approved during a recess of the April 28 lodge meeting. At the May 25 Home Association meeting, the following officers were approved: President, Kevin Richardson; Vice President, Tod Houk; Secretary and Treasurer, Jason Reimschusel. They look forward to serving you for another year.

The skimmer lines are currently being replaced around the pool. This should help save money long-term as the lines were leaking previously. Jim Kreiling, PER, has been working diligently to get everything cleaned up and the pool ready to open.

Related to the new dance floor in the banquet hall, Vaun Wickerham of the Home Association, as well as Jeff Jenson, PER, helped to paint the wall in the surrounding area. This project is now complete, so come out and take a look.

The Home Association is awaiting preliminary approval from the planning and zoning office on the new building plans. The plans will then be submitted to Grand Lodge for approval, which will allow the project to move forward.


May 2016

Welcome to the inaugural Home Association memo. With the ongoing capital campaign and new building coming up, the Home Association thought it would be a good time to add our own section. For those who do not know me, I am Jason Reimschusel, your Home Association secretary and treasurer for the past six years. I hope to complete another three-year term to help in the process of seeing the new building through.

Recently, members of the Home Association, including Kevin Richardson, Tod Houk, Jason Reimschusel, Eric Stacy, Paul Heilman, Brian Logsdon, and Vaun Wickerham, along with Jim McMaster, PER, and Jim Kreiling, PER, helped to take out the old stages and floor in the dance area of the banquet hall and install a new, durable floor that will last for many years to come. With the effort of everyone listed above, the group helped save approximately $4,000 in labor for the lodge versus the third-party estimate that was received. Pictures will be posted on the Findlay Elks Facebook page soon. The Lodge is only as good as its volunteers, so please find a way to help, if possible.

As most know, the capital campaign for the new building is underway. If you have not received campaign materials yet in the mail, you should soon, so be on the lookout. Any donation will help the betterment of the Lodge and have a lasting impact. The Findlay Elks website has current, proposed building plans, if interested. (Click here)


Home Association Officers

Vaun Wickerham President
Tod Houk Vice President
Jason Reimschusel Secretary/Treasurer

Home Association Trustees

Term Ends
Tod Houk 2017
Denise Heilman 2017
Dan Scherf 2017
Paul Heilman 2018
Eric Stacy 2018
Vaun Wickerham 2018
Brian Logsdon 2019
Jason Reimschusel 2019
Jeff Schimmoeller 2019

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