Exalted Ruler & Secretary Messages


Exalted Ruler’s Message

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October 2017

Did you attend the Lodge meeting on September 28th? If so, then you are up-to-date on where we stand with our new building project. If you didn’t, I can’t update you in this article because of our deadline for submission of articles for the Gaz-Elk. My goal in having this Home Association update on the 28th was to have open communication with our membership regarding this project. We must all work together for the common goal, the completion of the new building.

District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Roger Crowe will be making his annual inspection of our Lodge on Thursday October 12th. It would be great to have a full house for this Lodge meeting.

As noted on the front page of Elk.org, Findlay Lodge #75 was one of the recipients of a Freedom Grant. We will use this grant to partner with the Hancock County Veterans Office to host a Christmas dinner and provide clothing and gifts to hundreds of veterans in need. Thank you Jim Kreiling for your work in securing this grant.

As of this article, our Lodge has 42 delinquent members. Lodge membership is key to our growth and success. Have you paid your dues? Have you asked a friend, relative, or coworker to join?

Finally, I was saddened to read in Lodge recently the letter of resignation from Trustee Jim Kreiling. Due to health and travel issues, Jim is stepping down as Lodge Trustee. There will be an election to replace him. Jim will still be active in many areas of the Lodge. Thank you Jim for all you do.
Chuck Wilson

From the Secretary’s Pen

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October 2017

The leaves are starting to turn a sure sign fall is on its way. If you want to get the weekly emails of what is coming up and what is going on in our Lodge, or you know someone who wants to get the emails, please send me an email  so I can add you to the email list.

Another round of letters to slightly less than 40 delinquent members have been mailed. Please pay your dues promptly, as dues income is the single most important source of revenue we have. The Lodge thanks you very much for supporting the great things we do in the community. Dues are $128 for the full year and $64 for half of the Lodge year. Life members pay $68 per year. You may write a check to BPOE 75 and mail it to PO Box 208 Findlay 45839-0208. You may drop your dues off at the Lodge. I have a box in the lounge on the chest freezer. You can  pay your dues and the other charitable things ONLINE HERE! Of course cash is good as always.

During the meeting of September 14 the lodge approved the affiliation of Ronald Rahrig Jr. During the meeting of September 28th the lodge approved the memberships of Paula Harman Smith and John Saltzman. Being an Elk has made a positive contribution to your life. Now it is time to pay it forward and help out someone else improve their life by becoming an Elk. Remember that for September and October reinstatement and application fees are only $1. That means it is a great time to get some new members in the pipeline.

We remember our absent members who passed away during this Lodge year. The list includes Fred McCarty, Ralph Tabor, Gordon Mills, Robert Wall, Fred Spieker, Jim Elsea, Robert Emerson and Dick Baker. Let’s hope it doesn’t get any longer. Their faults lie upon the sand but their virtues are written on the tablets of love and memory.

It pays to come to Lodge! On September 14th Ray Van Guten III was drawn but he wasn’t present so he lost out on $65. On September 28th, Chris Chilcote was drawn and was present so he won $70 which he promptly donated to the building fund. Come to Lodge so you can win. There will be two meetings in October and they will be on the 12th and 26th. The meeting on the 12th will feature our District Deputy Roger Crowe as he gives his report on the inspection of our lodge.

See you at the Lodge
Jeff Jenson, PER
Lodge Secretary